For Professional Advisors

If you are supporting clients who would like to make a planned gift to benefit the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, take a look here for some great information and resources, designed to make your life easier.


Your work with clients supports the good work done at our local hospital every day. We at the WDMH Foundation would like to support you and your clients in any way that we can on their journey to becoming a donor or strengthening their commitment as a donor to the hospital. We are so grateful for your expertise and professionalism in serving not only your clients, but the greater community through your work.


Here are a few tools and resources that will help you meet the needs of your clients who want to support health care in our region:

  • Give your clients both these key documents related to shares or mutual funds:


  1. How to Donate Shares and Securities to the WDMH Foundation
  2. Gifts of Shares and Securities (Letter of Intent, FORM 1)
  3. How to Donate Mutual Funds to the WDMH Foundation
  4. Gifts of Mutual Funds (Letter of Intent, FORM 2)


  • Download the Plan Your Gift Fact Sheet to have all the information handy that you might need in supporting your clients’ wishes (includes gift designation areas as well as donor wall recognition levels).
  • Visit the Resources section on our website to learn more about the tax benefits and resources available to your clients.

You and the rest of our Professional Advisor community are extremely important to us. You are the lawyers, accountants, life insurance agents, estate planners, financial planners, bankers who working tirelessly for your clients and ensuring their philanthropic goals are met. We would love to work directly with you and/or your clients' to ensure their goals and needs are met. If you and/or your client(s) would like a personal tour of WDMH, please contact Erin Kapcala directly to set up a convenient time.


When a donor makes the WDMH Foundation a beneficiary in their will, they have elevated us to “family status” and we want to honour that by building a relationship with them. We want to be that beneficiary that truly honours their philanthropic goals and recognition preferences, and that is best done by confirming their wishes in person and getting to know them.


We would be happy to connect with any of your clients who are making a planned gift to the WDMH Foundation. We enjoy hearing the story behind the gift and being able to thank them while sharing the impact that their investment (or potential impact for a future gift) will have on local health care. Please know that we do not intend to solicit them further unless they state clearly they would be open to that. If your client prefers to remain anonymous, we respect that and would be happy to update them through you. Please note: if your clients do not wish to have their name publicly recognized we would be proud to honour them as an “Anonymous” donor.


If your clients would like to, they can contact Chelsea to discuss their philanthropic goals and gifts to see how we might best recognize their generosity. She would also welcome hearing from you regarding any questions you may have.


Many thanks again for your time and dedication,


Erin Kapcala
Manager of Major and Planned Giving, WDMH Foundation

Phone: 613-774-2422 x 6769




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Disclaimer: The above information is not intended as legal or financial planning advice. When considering any estate gift, or planned gift you should always consult your legal advisor, financial planner and your family members.