X-Ray Machine 

We are currently raising funds for a new X-ray Machine.

We understand that these are unusual circumstances, and it might seem strange to ask for your support at this time. Eventually, there will be a new normal. Things will resume as they once did and these services at WDMH are no exception. We know that many are looking to help others however they can. Your gift will make a difference.


Can you imagine how different life would be without modern medical technology like X-rays? This remarkable tool allows us to see inside the body, without the need for surgery. Having an X-ray machine is the standard of care for every hospital, including here at WDMH.

Our Diagnostic Imaging department is in need of a new X-ray machine. The current machine is older now. While it still works very well, after time, replacement becomes the best option. You can help us do that.

Every year, an average of 17,000 X-rays are taken at WDMH – with over 10,000 patients having one done in the last three years alone!
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    WDMH's X-ray Technologists  








What types of problems can X-ray tests diagnose?

  • Injuries such as broken bones and bowel obstructions
  • Diagnosis of conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart failure
  • Diagnosis of lung conditions such as pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer 


How will a new X-ray machine help?


  • New X-ray technology produces clear, concise, top-quality images, helping doctors to make a diagnosis
  • Patients are exposed to a lower dose of radiation
  • Advances in design allow for more flexibility, so the patient can be moved according to their individual needs
  • Tests can be completed more easily and quickly, with more comfort for the patient
  • The new machines also move easier, meaning less strain on the backs and shoulders of staff 

 Better for the patients. Better for the technologists. Better for the community.

How much does an X-ray machine cost?

The cost to replace the current machine is approximately $403,000.

How can you help?

Please make a gift to our General Equipment Fund in one of the following ways (please mention that your gift is for the X-ray machine):

  •        Online: /onlinegiving/Donation  Please mention that you would like your gift to support equipment purchases such as a new X-ray machine. 
  •        By phone: call 613-774-2422 ext.6162
  •        By mail: to WDMH Foundation, 566 Louise St., Winchester, ON K0C 2K0

Thank you!