Investigative Equipment

A Colonoscope for the Operating Room 

Winchester District Memorial Hospital needs an additional colonoscope.The colonoscope is used to perform a procedure called “Colonoscopy”. This type of procedure is used to detect polyps and inflammatory bowel disease. It can also be used to detect colon cancer. It is a very important piece of equipment that is used multiple times a day. The majority of people will have at least one colonoscopy in their lifetime, if not more. WDMH generally performs 50-60 Colonoscopies a week within the OR.


Benefits of a new colonoscope:


  • Help prevent delays
  • Allow WDMH to perform more scopes
  • Help decrease the number of usages on our current scopes(potentially allowing the current inventory of scopes to last longer)
The estimated cost of a new colonoscope is $31,555.