Our Current Greatest Need


A New Portable Ultrasound for the Family Birthing Unit


When a family comes to WDMH’s Family Birthing Unit (FBU), they are surrounded by obstetricians, family physicians, midwives and nurses who want to provide the very best care at an exciting time in their life. To do so, the WDMH team needs the very best equipment.


A new portable ultrasound in the Family Birthing Unit is the greatest need at WDMH right now.

Portable ultrasound machines are used right at the bedside for assessments during labour, diagnoses and treatment, often on an urgent basis. Ultrasounds help support early detection and treatment for:

  • Fetal positions
  • Maternal bleeding or concerns with Mom
  • Concerns with the baby


Currently, the FBU team borrows the portable ultrasound machine on the Medical/Surgical Unit – previously funded by generous donors. Having a machine right in the FBU would ensure it was readily available, especially during an acute situation when time is of the essence for the mom and baby.

The new machine will also support further education and competency training for bedside practice.
The FBU team is grateful for your support: “Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to patient safety. Without your support, our patients would go with the necessary equipment to help provide their best chance of overcoming their health concern or challenge.

The cost of the new portable ultrasound machine is $70,769.00.

If you would like to learn more about greatest equipment needs at WDMH and how you can help, please contact Kristen Casselman, Managing Director at 613-774-2422 ext. 6169.