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About Gift Planning


Your life’s legacy is so important. And something worth thinking about and planning for. The WDMH Foundation would be honoured and grateful to receive or be notified of your planned gift, including gifts through your: will or estate; life insurance policy; RRSPs or RRIFs; or publicly traded securities.


Every gift really does make a difference, no matter how large or small. Your professional advisors can help you determine what kind of planned gift would be best for you and your family during life and also in your estate.


We invite you to consider your philanthropic and community goals and how they intersect with the future of local healthcare.

"In Ontario, as in most of Canada, we are fortunate that the province funds the major portion of our health care system through our taxes. Many people are not aware that this does not include the purchase of new medical equipment and technology. This must be funded primarily through charitable donations from people in their local community." 


John Gleed, Morrisburg Resident


Your planned gift would make a difference to healthcare for many years to come. It also has the advantage of not impacting your finances today and offering tax benefits for you now and/or your estate, or heirs, later.

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 We invite you to look over Your Guide to Planned and Legacy Giving - our new booklet that outlines the different  ways to give and the financial benefits of different ways of giving. 



For a confidential discussion about revising your will, donation options, recognition opportunities or exploring the various areas you might be interested in supporting, please contact Erin Kapcala at 613-774-2422 x 6769. Your questions, and any information exchanged, will be held in the strictest confidence.