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Peter KrajcovicWelcome to the WDMH Foundation website! Thank you for visiting - we hope you find the information helpful.


The volunteer Board's responsibility is to govern the WDMH Foundation. Our duties include oversight and accountability for the Foundation's mission, vision and values; strategic planning; and building relationships with our local communities.


Many people are surprised to learn that the provincial government does not fund hospital medical equipment purchases. We are grateful to our donors for helping to bridge the gap.


Thank you for your incredible support of health care close to home!


Peter Krajcovic, Board Chair

Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation

Committed Volunteers

Thank you to the local volunteers who share their time and expertise as members of the WDMH Foundation Board of Directors.

Foundation Board 2019



Peter Krajcovic, Chair

Christine Chevalier, Vice-Chair 

Bruce Millar, Treasurer 

Tina Asselin

Wayne Burns 

Laura Fletcher 

Tod King 

Stephen McClellan 

Jose van Herpt 

James Pitruniak, Chair, WDMH Board of Directors

Bill Smirle, Chair, RHI Board of Directors 

Cholly Boland, CEO, WDMH

Debbie DeCooman & Elinor Jordan, Co-Presidents, WDMH Auxiliary