Shares and Securities

Shares, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds – these investments, accumulated over the years, may have grown significantly in value. When you sell these investments, a considerable capital gains tax may result if the current selling price is higher than their original cost. 


A gift of publicly listed securities to the WDMH Foundation qualifies for special benefits with changes in income tax regulations announced in 2006. In all cases, Canadians who donate publicly traded securities to a registered charity pay no capital gains tax on the appreciated value of these securities and tax on other, regular income is reduced significantly as a result of the donation receipt.


Donors can give such gifts both during their lifetime and through their estate (Will) – depending on their circumstances and needs.

"In the last few years I have replaced most of my monthly charitable cash donations with a larger annual securities donation that reflects the income tax reductions from the charitable tax deduction and the elimination of capital gains tax that would have been payable. I make this part of my year end investment & tax review process. I have now also recognized that this approach can have any even greater impact when I die and the proceeds of my will are distributed to my beneficiaries." 


John Gleed, Morrisburg Resident

Read more about giving gifts of shares or securities. For any questions, contact Erin Kapcala, the WDMH Foundation's Manager of Major and Planned Giving at 613-774-2422 ext. 6769. 

There is another option to give shares online. We have a donation page, and through it, you have the option to fill out an online form and then authorize your broker to either give it all to one charity, or you can even split your securities gift across multiple charities with no extra cost or paperwork.


Disclaimer: The above information is not intended as legal or financial planning advice. When considering any estate gift, or planned gift you should always consult your legal advisor, financial planner, your family, and the WDMH Foundation, if possible.