An Update on Epic

An Epic response from our amazing donors 


Because of our generous donors including an anonymous matching gift donor, the WDMH Foundation has been able to purchase several pieces of equipment to support Epic, Winchester District Memorial Hospital’s (WDMH) new patient information system. The total price tag: just over $181,000!

In November, WDMH launched Epic, giving patients better access to their own health information and more seamless care from their providers. The system securely stores and organizes patient records while maintaining patient privacy.

A great example of the innovations we now have with Epic is Single Sign On. “Before Epic, nurses and doctors literally signed into dozens of hospital care systems and computers, with a different username and password for each one. Each sign-in took a tiny bit of time that added up over a day, week, and a year,” explains Cholly Boland, WDMH CEO. “Single Sign On allows healthcare providers to securely sign into all systems they need with one username and password. It saves time and protects everyone’s privacy. Thank you to our community for your support.”

Donors also helped to purchase other equipment to support patient care through Epic including several workstations on wheels and handheld devices for bedside care, as well as document scanners. “Epic was a multi-million-dollar project, but it’s really priceless in how it will improve care,” adds Kristen Casselman, Managing Director, WDMH Foundation. “Bringing Epic to WDMH was a tremendous team effort that included our donors. We needed them, and they were there. We are so grateful to each of them, including our generous matching gift donor who matched $25,000 in donations!”

Staff with Epic signs