An Update on the Echocardiogram Machine

Thank you for helping to keep hearts beating


The new echocardiogram machine has arrived!


Thank you to everyone who gave in support of the general equipment fund for much-needed medical equipment purchases like this important machine.


An echocardiogram is a technology that uses sound waves to make images of your heart. It allows technicians and cardiologists to see the heart’s structures, and how the heart beats and pumps blood. The images that are captured during the procedure are then evaluated by a cardiologist who reads them to assess your heart’s function. 



At WDMH, we are proud to offer cardiac services for our patients, saving many people a trip to the city for the same services.

Our technicians perform echocardiograms on patients of most ages – from 17 years of age and up. Each year, more than 1,000 echocardiograms are performed at WDMH.


Thank you! 



echo  machine