An Update on the Anesthetic Machines

Thank you for helping keep patients safe & comfortable during surgery                        


We are pleased to announce that three new anesthetic machines have now been purchased - thanks to the generosity of our donors. 

WDMH performed 4,512 surgeries last year alone and anesthetic machines were used for almost all of them. With our three new machines, patients do not have to travel to Ottawa, spend money on gas and higher parking costs, and deal with the stress of going into the city for care.

echocardiogram machine 


Messages from WDMH's Operating Room Team

"The transition to our new machines went very smoothly thanks in part to our Team Leader Karen Lydiatt. The machines are smaller, easier to move and more ergonomic. And the displays are easy to read and adjustable which helps us see the vital signs more clearly.

I am continually impressed with the pride and care that local communities have for this hospital. This community is what makes this a special place to work and receive care. Equipment such as this has a direct impact on the clinical care that WDMH provides. Thank you for your ongoing support and consideration."

- Dr. Lucas Gil, former Chief of Anesthesiology

“We were able to exchange one machine per day which required perfect timing between patients. We had it down to a science by the third machine. We felt like a NASCAR pit crew that requires a fast changeover! We have an amazing operating room team with dedicated anesthetists and nurses who embraced and welcomed the opportunity to use these state-of-the-art machines. Now we have technology that surpasses our expectations, and safe, efficient machines to support our most vulnerable patient population. I can say wholeheartedly that this was a success and a giant thank you to our donors.”

- Karen Lydiatt, Team Leader



Why are anesthetic machines important for you and our patients?


  • The machines are used to monitor patients during surgery and to provide anesthetic gas to keep patients asleep. 
  • They provide ventilation and oxygen during surgery.
  • This allows the operating room team to provide a controlled, safe environment that protects and monitors patients comfort levels while they undergo surgery.
  • At WDMH, we want to provide surgical care to patients - close to home. That's something many of us value. None of us wants to be in the hospital, but when you receive care close to home, your family and friends are more likely to be able to visit you.