An Update on ADCs

Thank you for helping us keep our patients safe

The Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) have arrived and we can't thank our donors enough! 


The Foundation set out to fundraise for five ADC units and a pill packager. However, our donors stepped up once again, and because of that, we are able to fund the second phase of the project much sooner than anticipated. 


It's because of our donors that we are able to bring improved patient safety to WDMH by purchasing 10 ADCs for medication and a pill packager. This new technology is part computer/part robot and ensures the right drug or drugs are dispensed to the right patient at the right time. It is like a vending machine that dispenses pre-packaged medication. Only one medication drawer can be unlocked at a time – both when stocking the machine and when a nurse is getting a patient’s medication. This simplifies the process and increases patient safety. 

Thank you! 


ADC unit with nurse 

What are the benefits of the ADCs?



  • Each staff member will have a unique code to sign into the cabinet
  • The ADC will alert nurses if there are allergy concerns.
  • Only one medication can be dispensed at a time because all other drawers remain locked. This results in safer inventory control.
  • Nurses can access new medications for new patients quickly.
  • Narcotics and other controlled drugs are more secure.
  • ADCs can be easily upgraded and serviced, resulting in cost savings.